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Dedicated Orthopedic Center offers VisionScope Imaging for the knee and shoulder. A new, in-office diagnostic exam, VSI provides high-definition, direct visual images of the inside of a patient’s joint. VSI is a non-surgical diagnostic tool to pinpoint the source and/or severity of a patient’s discomfort.

The VSI is tiny needle camera scope. Using a local anesthesia, physicians insert the scope into a patient’s joint to capture diagnostic information. Photos and video are taken and can be used immediately to show results of the exam and allow the physician to discuss the results and treatment options. This is all done within a normal appointment time.

Typically there is no pain with the exam and, afterward, patients are able to walk without assistance. A small bandage will be used to cover the site but no stitches are needed. Patients are able to walk and drive following the exam and, unless instructed by the physician at that time of the exam, should be able to carry on with normal daily activities.

Benefits of the VSI:

  • 5-10 minute exam
  • Accuracy in diagnosing equivalent to surgical diagnostic arthroscopy
  • No general anesthesia, stitches or recovery time
  • Treatment option discussions and decisions can be made during the VSI exam appointment
  • No unnecessary time off from work/life commitments

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